The Navnit Group, a Rs. 2000 crore plus network of diverse companies, is a reputed and professionally managed Mumbai-based business and brand. It operates in the mobility segments spanning land, sea, air and allied businesses.


To expand our horizons and build a dynamic and globally respected corporation driven by professionalism, values and entrepreneurial energy.


To continually offer our customers world class products and a Brand Navnit Experience in our existing businesses while also creating greater choices and value with our new initiatives.


We believe in understanding our customers, responding to their needs and offering the man informed, interactive and intimate. Brand Navnit experience all times.


The Navnit Group is a well integrated network of several successful businesses operating within sectors as diverse as Automotive, Infrastructure, Marine, Adventure Sports, Aviation and Financial Services. These expansions have contributed to the strategic depth and diversity of the Group.


Supported by a team of more than 3000 skilled employees, the group sells over 12,000 vehicles each year in every category and is a significant player in the key Indian markets of Maharashtra and Karnataka.


Our values define the way we do business, set goals, respond to challenges and engage with diverse stakeholders at all times. They have been a part of our business philosophy from the time we began decades ago, and continue to be our foremost guiding principles in every sphere of activity today.


Our relationship with our customers lies at the heart of our business philosophy. We believe in understanding their needs and becoming their valued partners and advisors, committed to meeting their requirements at every stage of their lives.


The Navnit Group had humble beginnings in pre-Independence India. As the Indian economy grew from the mid-90s onwards, the Navnit Group responded to the challenges of the new business environment by setting the trend for exclusive showrooms made to global standards for their foreign principals.


As a rapidly expanding business group with deep roots in the Indian economy, the Navnit Group is deeply committed to growing, seeking appropriate business opportunities and serving emerging aspirations in India. We believe that the future will be an exciting time for our nation and we will endeavour to play an integral part in it.


The Navnit Group is a family-owned professionally managed business. The Chairman and Managing Director, Navnit Kachalia and his brothers form the Board of Directors which provides the entrepreneurial energy and strategic business vision for future growth. The separate businesses and showrooms are managed by experienced and professional managers from diverse backgrounds within the automotive, finance and other sectors reflecting a diversity of skill sets.


At the Navnit Group we are committed to the principles of enlightened corporate citizenship in our interactions with all our stakeholders and the wider community. A few years ago, realising the dearth of skilled workmen in the auto care business we established the Navnit Academy to offer training in this key area. We believe this has helped raise efficiency standards and skill sets in the industry as a whole.

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